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151 banknotes



I started collecting banknotes in October 2017.

Currently my collection numbers over 150 banknotes from over 50 countries.

My plan is to have at least one banknotes from each modern county in the world.

I'm interested in getting:
• Pre-Euro European banknotes
• Banknotes from the Islamic world
• Banknotes from the Pacific
• Banknotes from my wish list
• Banknotes from country I don't have

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View my banknote collection here


7 For swap

See my duplicate/swap list here.

To send me an offer, you can either e-mail me or send message on

Swap policy

• ONLY registered mail!
• Minimum 10 banknotes in case of circulated 20th-21th century coins.
• I swap as one to one, ONLY in case of 1900-today circulation coins.
• Euro coins for Euro coins of same value (or circulating coins in same value).
• Most of my swap banknotes are minimum XF condition. If it differs up or down I commit to let you know.
• Maximum value Serbian bankonte I can swap is 100 Dinara bankonte.
• I expect minimum XF or aUNC circulated banknotes, warn me if I tick a coin which is in LOWER quality.