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Mihajlo Nešić

Coin and Banknote Collector

My Collection


1654 Coins

1303 Different coins

1038 Different types

191 Countries

209 Issuers

326 For swap


151 Banknotes

58 Countries

7 For swap


My numismatic journey started in March 2015. I was looking through my stuff and found a little ceramic dish where I kept all foreign coins from my trips. I saw that I had a lot of them, so I started to research them where are they came from, what is the value etc.
I started to get interest in numismatics. From that day, I started collecting coins and the collection started to get bigger and bigger.
So I needed a way to keep them organized.
I joined Numista (an amazing numismatic website) on 2nd of July 2015.

Currently my coin collection numbers over 1600 coins from over 200 countries. I have more than 20 successful swaps from people all over the world.

In October 2017 I started my banknote collection with 100 UNC banknotes from 42 countries.

My plan is to have at least one coin and banknote from each modern county in the world.

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